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Goal-oriented websites

A website is the cornerstone of your web presence. It is a place where you showcase your work, communicate with customers and, basically, do business. That is why the creation of your website should be handled professionally and with care.
Our process of creating a site starts with information architecture, a process of planning that makes sure your visitors are encouraged to respond in a way that suits your goals. That response could be an online purchase, an inquiry, entering your e-mailing list or something else. The next phase is web design. It supports the goals that were set in the beginning, while adding a specific style and feel to your website. Next, we transform our plan and design into a working website and fill it with your content.

Simple editing

The world of business changes at a breathtaking pace and you need to keep up. That is why your web sites feature an easy-to-use and powerful content management system Webtasy CMS. Using your CMS, you will be able to change any part of content and many design features, such as widgets, in a few clicks.

Long-term success

When your website needs a redesign or upgrade, you can count on us. Since 2003, we have launched more than 600 web projects for 300 customers.

We are here to create a succesful website for you.


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Website Planning

A well-planned website will attain the goals you have set for it: stimulate leads or sales, present vital information and efficiently target key visitors. Information architecture is the process of planning a website that focuses on your business, visitors and goals.

Website Design

Your website is just one of many that are struggling to attract traffic. It only takes a few moments for visitors to decide whether or not they are interested in your content. Quality web design creates the right first impression, sets the tone and supports the features of your website.

Website Setup

Website setup is the process of converting our plan and design into a fully functional website. Your website comes complete with Webtasy Content Management System and various applications, such as web forms, photo gallery, password protected content, news a.s.o.

Content Input

Content is the most important part of any website. After the setup phase, we add your texts and images, making sure everything is consistent with the overall design. You can also choose to add content yourself using Webtasy CMS.
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