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Measuring Success

A successful website is constantly developing and adapting to current trends and conditions. We are here to help you steer the right course. We measure how effective your website and web marketing are at attaining your goals. Using real data, we suggest changes that make your website more user-friendly and thus effective at achieving sales, generating leads or accomplishing other goals.

Planning for Results

We employ the same analytical approach in creating or redesigning your website. In the process of information architecture planning, we research your business, objectives and competitive advantages. We plan your site to accomodate its goal visitor, your potential customer. A well-planned website offers its visitors key facts and calls to action that encourage them to follow your goals. Next, we help you measure and improve upon these results.


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Website Analysis

When you need an expert opinion to help you plan improvements on your website, we can help. You will receive a summary report containing assesments of the structure, content, design and search engine optimization characteristics of your website.

Website Planning

A user-friendly and goal-oriented website can be a vital part of your business and a powerful marketing channel. To ensure the efficiency of your investment, we plan your website's information stucture and layout to better reflect your business and address your potential customers.

Website Guidance

Monitoring the results of your website and web marketing endevours is the best way to ensure that your investments are well placed. With regular analytics reports, advice on improvements of your online activities and information about current trends, we help you make the right decisions.

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